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Just received my grip trainer and I’ve already played with it a bunch! First impressions: very ergonomic and seemingly well-built. I can’t speak to the durability of the product, but I’m thinking it will hold up nicely. The range of tension is pretty good, although after trying it, I wish it went higher- I’m doing reps with it maxed out. However, the tension is high enough to build strength. Overall seems like a great product!

Gabriel W.Happy Customer

If I could give this 12 stars I would. Three long haired dogs have driven us to try lots of different devices, including some very expensive vacuum cleaners. The only downside is that you have to get down on your hands and knees to use it, but it works exactly as advertised. It literally picks up 99% of every hair...and 100% if you really want to!

Stefan R.Happy Customer

This works! My cats hate it and now leave the furniture alone. The adhesive does work, but just in case a furry critter decides to try to pull it off, there are little pins that screw into the fabric to hold the sheets in place. I haven't needed them, but stashed them in a safe place, just in case.

Emelia K.Happy Customer

My order has just arrived.  It is soooo beautiful. Thank you for sending it so quickly. Looking forward now to the other stuff I ordered!

Penelope G.Happy Customer

I just bought new furniture to replace the living room furniture which my cat ore to shreds. Immediately upon delivery my furry friend rushed in and started scratching. I went to Badaawi for help and came up with Amazing Shields and quilted furniture covers. Problem solved!!! No scratching and the shields are hardly noticeable on my light beige furniture. They do fall off if you don't use the accompanying tacks. P.S. Their customer service is terrific.

Maritza W.Happy Customer

I was honestly not expecting this grip to be this nice. I'm used to the old school A pattern that squeaks and clicks and hurts your hand so I ended up wrapping it with athletic tape just to soften the dig.

Ethan H.Happy Customer

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