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Cap Gun Bottle Opener

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Cap Gun Bottle Opener


Opening drinks has never been this much fun!

Perfect for kitchen, pubs, bars, or parties
Impress your family and friends by opening your bottle, taking aim, and shooting the cap into the bin! Shoots up to 5 Metres

High quality, made from durable and sturdy ABS Plastic
Easy to carry and can just be used as a bottle opener
Available in 6 colors


  1. High quality: The corkscrew is made of rugged ABS and has a long service life, you don’t need to worry about the corkscrew coming off from the plastic

  2. Bottle opener: gun-shaped bottle opener, use this bottle opener to easily open the bottle without causing confusion or spillage

  3. Cap gun launcher: It can also be used as a cap launcher. The unique design can fix the cap and eject it safely and can shoot a cap over 5 meters.

  4. Amazing drinking game, enhance the atmosphere, and impress your guests

Package Included: 1 * Bottle opener

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