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Cat Miniature Design Phone Holder

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Cat Miniature Design Phone Holder


Can use to stick to any smartphone and tablet with a flat and non-textured rear surface. Super-strong adhesive, durable reusable portable cellphone stands.

This cute cat mobile phone holder will not only jazz up your desk but also ensure that your phone does not slip off your hand or the table. It comes with suction to support your phone in an upright position, making it ideal to make calls, text, or even watch a video. With the help of the suction, you can also place it on your car, home, or office window.


To reduce the risk of falling down and being robbed in crowded places.
It can prevent your phones from sliding out of their hand. 
This is a powerful adhesive ring, suitable for the most portable digital phones.
Reduces the risk of dropping and breaking your device inadvertently.


Material: resin
Size: 64mm

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